If he was upset he was caught, wait, caught doing what? All he did was rip off another band, thats not anything bad in my opinion. If you all are talking about brainwashing Wendy, He didn’t know the messages were in there, and besides, she really didn’t even care about them as much the fact the song wasn’t his own. And people saying he’s a jerk to Wendy, wheres the evidence? All i’ve seen is him being a jerk to Dipper (Personally, I probably would doing the same thing because Dipper is kind of a bother.) Out of all onscreen time between Robbie and Wendy, all I see is him treating her nice, I dont understand the people saying he’s a jerk to her.

(PS. wtf are these blocks that only appear here when you look at this on a dashboard? some kinda glitch?)

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    It’s not about Robbie being nice to Wendy, it’s about Robbie being a complete douche canoe towards Dipper. All those...
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